Sharon Stone Comes With Agent X On TNT



We have seen numerous Hollywood starts jumping into television series. Sharon Stone is the latest addition to that list. The actress is now making the jump from movie star to TV with her leading role on TNT’s new action drama “Agent X”.

Sharon Stone on Agent X.jpg

Sharon Stone on Agent X

Like we said earlier, Agent X is an action drama where Sharon Stone plays as Natalie Maccabee, the vice president of the United States. On her Inauguration Day, she came to learn that she’s the handler of a secret superagent who cleans up messes too messy for the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. It’s why the vice president of USA has virtually no duties, we’re told — the country’s founders wanted him/her free to go down to the bunker hidden behind the fireplace whenever the republic needed saving.

Sharon Stone Comes With Agent X.jpgIt’s a clever idea, but looks like Agent X doesn’t have much of a production budget (Sharon Stone is also an executive producer). Apparently, the show seems like an average action drama serial solving a case every week. Agent X doesn’t cover new ground, but it gets a passing grade for being competent within the overly familiar territory of the spy genre.

Jeff Hephner, formerly of “Chicago Fire,” plays John Case, the current iteration of Agent X, whose predecessors include Nathan Hale, the Revolutionary War spy. He’s perfectly adequate in the role of the trained killer with a twinkle in his eye and a nagging conscience. Mr. McRaney tries hard to bring some life to the vice president’s steward, a combination Miss Moneypenny and Alfred the Butler for Agent X.

Agent X on TNT.jpgBut with enough of the familiar genre trappings to make us comfortable, Agent X isn’t the dull affair it could be. With a few injections of much-needed humor, nimble hand-to-hand combat scenes (including one delightful nail-biter of a scene in which two spies square off while balancing on scaffolding pipes), and a few clever plot twists, the show isn’t lazy. It’s like a tasty frozen pizza: decent for what it is.

Agent X premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.

Courtesy: HollywoodReporter, TheWrap