How To Install OxygenOS On OnePlus X



OnePlus has released their first mid-ranger and everyone is pretty excited about it. The 5 inch smartphone actually seems stylish and has a great appeal to those who don’t like a big 5.5 inch device. But the smartphone isn’t just for show; it’s beauty with brain! Powerful SD 801, 3GB RAM, 16GB internal memory with SD card support will certainly attract you away if are looking for a decent phone. Check out the full OnePlus X specifications and price.

In China, OnePlus X is already on sale. International users may have to wait a little bit to get their hands on the device. But if you’re not the typical waiting type person and already have ordered your OnePlus X from China, here’s a catch. Chinese OnePlus X comes with HydrogenOS not the OxygenOS! The hardware in the Chinese and international version are the same but HydrogenOS is very different than OxygenOS. For example, it doesn’t come with Google services.

Don’t worry! We have come up with a solution. Today we are going to teach you how to install OxygenOS on your lovely OnePlus X in a few steps.

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How to install OxygenOS on OnePlus X

Disclaimer: Download and install at your own risk. These download links are neither provided nor supported/maintained by We have only collected them from internet. Any harm happened to you or your device/devices by either downloading or using these files is strictly your responsibility and or any of its staffs should not be held responsible for that.


  • Back up your data on the phone before proceeding.
  • Make sure you have atleast 2GB of available memory in your OnePlus X.
  • Make sure the battery on your smartphone is charged at least 70% to avoid any midway hurdles.

Instructions on how to install OxygenOS on OnePlus X

Step 1: Download the OnePlusOxygen_14 update from the Baidu link here.
Step 2: Connect your OnePlus X to your PC.
Step 3: Do not unzip the ROM, and move it over to the OnePlus X’s internal storage.
Step 4: Turn off the OnePlus X
Step 5: Press Volume Down and the Power button together to get the OnePlus X in to recovery mode.
Step 6: Choose English > Wipe data and cache > Install from local > navigate to the OxygenOS ROM.
Step 7: Choose OK and wait for the update process to end.
Step 8: Once installed, your OnePlus X should reboot.

Now you have a running fresh installation of OxygenOS. Enjoy the power of OnePlus X with OxygenOS.

Courtesy: Gizchina