Microsoft Brings Intel Speed Shift Technology To Windows 10 In Fall Update



Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processors are already claiming better management of thermal temperatures, voltage during workloads, and its potential to increase operating system efficiency. If you are running a device using Skylake processor with Windows 10, you are going to be delighted. The processor utilizes a design change called “Speed Shift”, that enables the OS to hand over control of the frequency and voltage to the Skylake processor. This technology from Intel is now called Speed Shift. Although it is is not enabled right now in Windows 10, but it is coming in a fall update.

Apparently, Speed Shift was a technology that was announced early on in Skylake’s roadmap, but without OS support for it, the technology was overlooked, if not forgotten entirely until now. Fortunately, Microsoft and Intel worked together to bring the technology up to speed.

Even though Microsoft and Intel’s efforts have gotten Speed Shift ready and primed, the technology is still not available to Windows users with Skylake processors. Microsoft’s Fall update to Windows 10 is said to include a patch to enable Speed Shift for PCs housing Skylake processors.

Years ago, Microsoft and Intel partnered on designing processors that would showcase the best of what Windows could offer consumers. While the line between Windows and Intel’s offerings hasn’t always been as taught as Apple hardware and its A-line of processors, Windows users appear to be still benefitting from years of continued Intel evolution.

Courtesy: WinBeta, WindowsCentral