How To Download Latest MIUI 7 Stable Version



The long awaited stable version of MIUI 7 is finally here! On Tuesday, Xiaomi announced that they have made MIUI 7 global stable builds available for a range of Xiaomi smartphones. The new version of Xiaomi’s customized android OS is available for download from the company’s official forum. Users will also get MIUI 7 in the form of an OTA update.

Based on Android Lollipop, MIUI 7 comes with a number of features such as four built-in themes, a daily lock screen that changes its wallpaper everyday, and a new mode that gives a user the option to lock down apps they don’t want their kids to access. Xiaomi claims that MIUI 7 offers up to 30 percent better response time than MIUI 6. Users should also find it light on battery as some tweaks on how the operating system handles the background apps have been introduced.

What is MIUI 7 stable version?

MIUI has 3 ROM versions: Experimental, Developer, and Stable. Experimental version is updated every day, and is open to a small part of senior members. It includes new features and bug fixes for the senior members to test before they enter developer version, therefore it contains high risks of serious bugs. Developer version (China) is updated every week, developer version (Global) is updated bi-weekly. It gets new features and bug fixes in every update, and is stable enough for daily usage. Stable version does not have a regular update frequency. It is updated once a month/two months/even longer. Stability is its major concern. Common users who prefer ROM stability are recommended to use this version.

MIUI 7 stable version supported devices

Stable MIUI 7 builds are available for Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Redmi 2, Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Xiaomi Mi Pad and Xiaomi Mi Note. There’s still no word on when Xiaomi Mi 4i will receive the update.

Differences between builds of MIUI 7 stable version

Before downloading the OS, you need to know that there are two builds of MIUI 7 stable version available for your smartphone: Fastboot, and Recovery. Updating your handset using the recovery build is easier, and it doesn’t wipe your existing files and settings. Fastboot requires you to download the Mi PC suite on your computer, and using this method wipes the files and settings on your device.

Direct download links of MIUI 7 stable version for your device

For your convenience, we have included both recovery and fastboot builds of MIUI 7 stable rom. Just click on the download link for your device and download should start right away.

Disclaimer: Download at your own risk. These download links are neither provided nor supported/maintained by We have only collected them from internet. Any harm happened to you or your device/devices by either downloading or using these files is strictly your responsibility and or any of its staffs should not be held responsible for that.

 Device  Fastboot  Recovery
 Mi 3 | Mi 4  Fastboot ROM (840MB)  Recovery ROM (665MB)
Redmi 2/Prime  Fastboot ROM (828MB)  Recovery ROM (652MB)
Redmi Note   Fastboot ROM (866MB) Recovery ROM (692MB)
Redmi 1S Fastboot ROM (856MB) Recovery ROM (682MB)
Mi Pad Fastboot ROM (570MB) Recovery ROM (543MB)
Mi Note Fastboot ROM (887MB) Recovery ROM (711MB)

Download links have been collected from Xiaomi forum.

If you have completed downloading, follow this step-by-step tutorial to update your favorite Xiaomi smartphone to latest MIUI 7 stable version.