How To Always Stay Logged In Into WordPress



If you are using WordPress as your blogging software for sometime, then you’ve already faced this situation every now and then. It happens when you accidentally forget to check on the “Remember me” check-box on the WordPress login page and hit login. So then when you exit the browser, the site forgets that you logged in because you didn’t check the Remember me checkbox. Today in this WordPress tutorial, we are going to show you how to automatically check the remember me checkbox in WordPress and extend the login cookie. This will allow you a hassle-free quick access to the WordPress admin area each and every time.

How to always stay logged in into WordPress

WordPress settings page doesn’t have an option to natively support the extension of cookies. So you won’t find a checkbox to automatically check the remember me checkbox (pun intended). But again, we are talking about WordPress, right? So for this purpose we are going to use a plugin named Remember Me. This plugin allows the administrator and/or the user to control the placement of a check mark in the remember me checkbox on the standard WordPress login form.

How to install Remember Me plugin in WordPress

Installing the Remember Me plugin is very easy. You have to follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedures.

Step 1: Use Add Plugin within the WordPress Admin panel to download and install this “Jonradio Remember Me” plugin from the plugin repository (preferred method). Or download and unzip this plugin, then upload the /jonradio-remember-me/ directory to your WordPress web site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Step 2: Activate the Jonradio Remember Me plugin through the Installed Plugins Admin panel in WordPress.

Now you need to review the Remember Me Settings page.

How to configure Remember Me plugin in WordPress

Remember Me settings Page

Remember Me settings page

The Remember Me plugin provides a number of options on how you set up login page in WordPress. You can enable it as the default for all logins or remember logins from admin area or frontend pages.

You can also allow users to manually check the remember me box. If a user checks the remember me checkbox, they will not be logged out when they close the browser window.

You can also define the maximum number of days WordPress should keep a user logged in. By default the plugin has 366 days. You can reduce it to something more reasonable, like 30 or 60 days.

Please note that users can still log out if they want to. Once logged out, they will have to login again.

For security reasons, you should not check the remember me checkbox if you are accessing your WordPress site from a public network or a shared computer.

That’s all, we hope this article helped you keep WordPress from forgetting you when remember me option is checked for once. And now you are always logged in your favorite WordPress site. Stay with Gamefie for more WordPress tutorials.

Courtesy: WpBeginner