Apple Launches New Shopping Category On App Store



Apple announced that it is launching a new “Shopping” category to its App Store. The company was long rumored to be working on a Shopping category for App Store to help consumers better locate mobile shopping applications, but had not confirmed anything about it. The shopping category update in App Store is now rolling out worldwide and includes apps from companies including Apple, Target, eBay. and Groupon.

Features of Shopping category on App Store

The shopping category on App Store will feature apps from multiple verticals and channels, including price comparison, product reviews and more. App Store’s latest feature will broadly include apps that help shoppers in finding deals, discounts and coupons, be abreast with the latest trends, read product details, find price of products and more. On the launch of the new shopping category, Apple has featured collections of deals and themes for shopping apps, which include Save While You Shop for deals and discounts, Shop for Everything to offer options across a variety of themes like Gifts, Groceries, and more. This theme based grouping will not only make it simple for users to find the right app, but will also allow a variety of apps to get on to the top position.

Basically, Apple has segregated such apps from the Lifestyle category on App Store in order to make it easier for users to find out shopping related apps in particular. Earlier these commercial apps were featured under Lifestyle section, which was already cluttered with dating app, real estate apps, wedding apps, and more, which made it difficult for user to find the right app for shopping.

The new Shopping category will also help retail players and mobile shopping services to become more visible by getting featured in their own section. Now those that enable commerce will get their own section – which could have the potential to boost discoverability, downloads, and sales for App Store developers as well as larger businesses like Amazon, Walmart and Groupon, who develop mobile shopping apps. Plus, because it removes a huge chunk of apps from the Lifetstyle category, its launch will also impact the Top Charts and rankings of those apps remaining in that section.

Apple launches new Shopping category on App Store promoting Apple Pay

The new Shopping category will also help spotlight those apps that have adopted Apple Pay. Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payments technology that allows iPhone owners to store their credit and debit cards on file within a mobile wallet. These cards can then be used with Touch ID to pay for purchases in retail stores at NFC-based payment terminals, as well as in mobile applications.

Launched just over a year ago, retailers and developers are already seeing Apple Pay’s impact, including a more than 2x increase in checkout rates. The newly launched Shopping category will also go a long away to boost Apple Pay’s growth.